For the first time, C SEED presented the world's first unfolding N1 TV at CES 2024 and we’ve received an amazing feedback. The N1 TV was included as a top 10 best and most innovative products by large number of media.

To quote David Katzmaier from CNET: “In my two decades as CNET's TV reviewer, I have seen a lot of TVs - but nothing like this. This Jaw-Dropping, Foldable 137-Incher Is the Best TV”.

Jeffrey Close from Medium announced that N1 TV is “future of television technology”.

Jordan Hart from Business Insider: “When it's not in use, the N1 looks like a piece of Art Deco décor”.

“If you thought that Samsung's transparent MicroLED and LG's transparent OLED TVs were the last of innovative big screens at the CES 2024, this one [N1 TV] will catch you by surprise”, Pihu Yadav from CNBC concluded.

We want to thank all of you for meeting our C SEED team in Las Vegas.

Have you not managed to meet us at CES 2024? You can join us at the ISE 2024, or you can book a meeting with us in our facility in Vienna, AT or our Beverly Hills showroom, USA. Please send us an inquiry here or contact your Sales Representative.