C SEED 301

C SEED´s R&D team did its superior efforts to transform this masterpiece of engineering to set a new record – 301 inch TV made from carbon fiber and titanium – super big, super stiff yet super light.

Introducing the new unfolding C SEED 301 TV, this soaring monolith measuring 301 inches diagonally (7,6 meters) . It´s exceptional luminosity of 4.500 nits and its contrast ratio of 4.500:1, together with 48 bit color depth produce a crystal clear picture for state of the art outdoor TV entertainment, even in direct sunshine.

Each of the over 3.956.736 LEDs process image data up to 100.000 times per second, enabling C SEED 301 to display 281 trillion radiant colors. Featuring full HDR picture refinement technologies to render optimum peak brightness and contrast supporting up to 4K resolution, with a sound system of six broadband speakers and three subwoofers with total output power of 2700 Watts.

Innovative R&D and finest materials 

The C SEED 301 TV frame and column are made from carbon fiber with titanium hinches. Each of the unique pieces are entirely processed and finished in Austria: from the design to the production and assembling. The carrying capacity of carbon fiber, higher than that of steel brings the exceptional lightness and the perfect refraction of light, offering the finest aesthetics and functionality.

The attraction of carbon fiber and titanium use depends not only on the weight savings in a particular component, but also the effect this weight savings has on surrounding parts. With its enormous dimensions C SEED 301 weighs only 1650 kg, still its robust design and stiffness can take wind loads of 50km/h before TV automatically retracts to its compartment.

Unfolding beauty with the power of a beast

The C SEED 301 TV screen is hidden in its underground storage casing, waiting for activation by a simple push of a button on the remote control. The C SEED 301 column takes 25 seconds to achieve its full height of 19 ft or 6 m with effortless ease. Seven massive LED panels of the newest technological standard, unfold equally silent within the next 40 seconds. The panels interlock to form a seamless TV screen that bursts into action. With the same ease, the widescreen TV C SEED 301 submerges into the ground for space saving storage when not in use.

Together with the precise fine tuning and upgrades in the electronical and software stack – it is an ultimate tech moment that redefines the TV experience and aesthetic as we know it.  

Retail price comes at around 1.5 Million USD. Orders can be placed now with delivery time mid-2020.